Miller Farm & Business

Offering a Full Range of Tax & Accounting Services

Miller Farm & Business is a privately owned, full range tax and accounting office. Started Over 25 years ago by our current owner, Lora Lea Miller, Miller Farm & Business now spans three generations and retains a staff of 14 accountants and support staff.

Miller Farm & Business is proud to serve the Geneseo community as well as reaching out to the Quad Cities, central Iowa, and northern Missouri. Through the plethora of unique experience employed by Miller Farm & Business, we like to think there is no problem or issue we cannot handle. From basic Form 1040 preparation to the corporation, estate, and trust taxes we strive to get you the best value for your money through unparalleled service, and a deep knowledge of tax regulations.

Take Control of your financial future

“THE LATEST“ with Lora Lea …


The TCJA changed the way your employer withholds taxes, there is still time to change your W-4 if you owed money last year! Contact us or request an appointment if you are not sure if you are withholding enough from your paycheck.


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