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Extended again! Tax returns - and payments are due Monday May 17th, 2021. Stop in to drop off documents or visit the Portal page to begin securely uploading your documents today!

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*Fraud Alert*
All individuals who received unemployment insurance (UI) benefits in 2020 will receive the 1099-G tax form. Claimants who collected UI benefits last year need the 1099-G tax form from IDES to complete their federal and state tax returns. The 1099-G tax form will be available by the end of January 2021 and mailed or emailed to IDES claimants based on previously selected claimant preference. If an individual did not receive UI benefits in 2020, yet still received a 1099-G form from IDES, this may indicate that a fraudulent claim was filed in their name. The IRS has provided guidance to states regarding these nationwide identity theft and unemployment fraud schemes. Individuals who may have erroneously received a 1099-G form should immediately contact IDES at (800) 244-5631. IDES representatives will return calls on a first-in, first-out basis to ensure the fraudulent claim is shut down, and to address the 1099-G form. Once a fraudulent claim is reported, investigated, and confirmed by IDES, the victim will not be held responsible for repaying any benefits fraudsters may have received in their name, nor will they be held responsible for tax implications resulting from a fraudulent claim. IDES understands the urgency associated with tax season and is committed to ensuring agency resources are available to assist individuals who received a form in error.
Our in-office hours are currently Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 6:00pm and 10:00am - 2:00pm on Saturday. We are currently open for document drop-off and signing, however, if you are sick at all, regardless of whether it is COVID, a cold or flu, please stay home. We have an online portal for uploading documents, signing all forms, and even paying for your tax prep, and we can make over-the-phone appointments. If we get sick, that just slows us down in our preparation of your return. 
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